The Shakewell valve, to say Shakewell seacock, is a thru-hull valve. Seacocks are the most critical components in a boat, their reliability can mean the difference between life and death. When the 81 MARTELA lost her keel and capsized off Punta del Este, she remained afloat for 5 weeks thanks to the air entrapment maintained by Shakewell Seacocks. The importance of seacocks is not diminished by less dramatic circumstances: Engines, toilets and cockpit drains can all be rendered useless by malfunctioning valves. The weekend sailor is as dependant upon them as the round-the-world racing skipper.

MADE UNDER ISO-Standard 9093-2


  •  To be easily, rapidly and safely cleared afloat, if blocked or jammed.

  •  To be capable of being serviced afloat, by taking all the moving parts into the boat, without tools, whilst still retaining useable water flow through the valve.

  •  To tolerate marine growth, shellfish and sand, but remain airtight even if the mechanism and valve canal become scratched by such particles.

  •  To shut flush with the hull to minimise turbulence and to hinder marine growth and mud entering and accumulating in the valve canal.

  •  To be non-metallic in order to eliminate all problems associated with corrosion, and to allow fitting to steel and aluminium, without risk of galvanic degradation.
Product of: MRGF MARTWELL Ltd.